Premium Patron Scheme

As you are probably aware, our club launched the Cumann O Rathaille scheme in 2009, which was designed to attract subscriptions from our membership base to assist in the overall development of our club & facilities going forward.
As a secondary phase in the ongoing development of Cumann O Rathaille scheme, we are now exploring ways of engaging with, and seeking the support of, our local businesses.

Our focus always was and remains our people, not what they can or can’t do. Ó Rathaille Chluain Eo are now planning a new ambitious and sustained development programme to meet the needs of our growing community.

Over the past fifteen years our club has upgraded our pitch and developed clubrooms that are the envy of most other clubs throughout Ireland. In the build up to our centenary our aim is to completely cancel out our debt to put us in a position to develop a second playing pitch to improve our training and coaching facilities to cater for a growing club such as ours.

How Does Cumann O’Rathaille Fit In?

To do all of this we require a lot of voluntary effort, as well as financial assistance from our very generous members & business sponsors in our community. All the while, we’ll continue to keep the focus on improving our whole club to be as successful as we possibly can be, both on and off the field of play, on a voluntary basis. As always, our work will benefit everyone in Clonoe, and we hope that will include you and yours.

Now What About YOU?

  • Is Clonoe O’Rahillys important to you?
  • Do you believe our young people need greater playing facilities?
  • Do you value what Ó Rathaille Chluain Eo provides for you & your community?
  • Can we help promote your business & show your community that it is benefitting them?

If your answer is YES to any of those questions, then Cumann Ó Rathaille is for you!

Working For A Glorious Future

Cumann Ó Rathaille are asking you to consider becoming a member of our PREMIUM PATRON scheme.

What a Cumann O’Rathaille Premium Patron can expect:

  • Free membership to Cumann O’Rathaille, with associated members merchandise
  • Business advertising sign on O’Rahilly Park (if applicable)
  • Inclusion on collective premium patrons signage in community centre car-park
  • Inclusion on collective premium patrons signage in Social Club
  • Inclusion on Club media / Promotional  Social Events & Functions throughout the year, including promotion as a premium patron at annual Cumann O’Rathaille members night
  • 2x Premium Patron passes enabling free entry to all home club fixtures for that year

Price for premium partnership participation is £1,000 per annum, payable weekly / monthly / quarterly / bi-annually, or in one lump sum.

As a premium partner of Cumann O’Rathille, no further financial contributions will be sought from you by either Cumann O’Rathaille, or Clonoe O’Rahillys for any other event whilst a member.

By contributing to Cumann Ó Rathaille’s PREMIUM PATRON scheme, you will have helped to make your club and your community stronger.

We invest in our club because we believe we can be the best  by  partnering with the best.

Click to download Cumann Ó’Rathaille Standing Order Form